3-Phase Diode Bridge Rectifier SQL00A

3-Phase Diode Bridge Rectifier SQL00A


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New and high quality
Material: Electrical components
Color: AS picture shows
1. Durable and practical
2. Portable, very easy to install and repair
3. Welding structure, excellent cycling power, and temperature characteristics
4. Can be used in inverters, battery charging, generators, wind turbines, etc.

1. Type: 100A 1600 V
2. Current Electric: 100A
3. Voltage: 1600 V
5. Working Temperature: 150 – (Max)

Package Contains
1Pc x 100Amps Bridge Rectifier Diode

SQL100A, 100-1600V high-power three-phase rectifier, bridge mainly used for generator, wind turbine electrical equipment, and so on.