4in1 Soil Test Meter

4in1 Soil Test Meter


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It combines several features to make your plants happier. By using the meter, you will know what your plant needs.
Your plant will be healthier and grow.
This 4-in-1 design (moisturizing/pH/glossy test/temperature) provides you with a comprehensive idea of the garden and lawn soil conditions. With a quick check, you can tell if you need to adjust the plant food/water, and whether your plant has enough sunlight and a good temperature.
It uses the battery, you can use it after installing the battery.
Plug and play make gardening easier than ever.
Compact and portable, indoor/outdoor use. Whether you are a gardener or large farm personnel, as long as you are interested in plants, this is an excellent tool for you.

Package Includes
1pcs x 4 in 1 Soil Meter

pH Range: 3.5-8 Ph (3.5-6.5 ACID, 7 NOR, 7-8 ALKALI)
Moisture Range: 1-10 (1-3 DRY, 4-7 NOR, 8-10 WET)
Relative Light: 0-2000 lux (0-200 LOW, 200-500LOW , 500-1000 NOR 1000-2000 HGH)