SCR Voltage Regulator Motor Speed Controller

SCR Voltage Regulator Motor Speed Controller


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The input is connected with AC 220V, the output is connected to the electric stove wire or motor appliances,
then rotate the knob for speed, voltage, and current control.
How To Use:
Step 1: Adjustable Power Supply Board;
Step 2: Connect this device with a lamp or home appliance or electric circuit,
Step 3: then rotate the knob for dimming, speed, voltage, and temperature control.

Some Application:
Electric furnace, water heater, lamps, Electric motor, electric iron, etc.
Load does not exceed 75% of the maximum power, otherwise, it will burn the module.
use the resistive load as far as possible; reduce inductive and capacitive load power greatly.

Regulation Type:
Governor/Regulator/Motor speed controller/Dimmer Module

Package Included:
1 x AC 220V 4000W SCR Voltage Regulator Controller Module

Working Voltage: AC 220V
Maximum Power: 4000W (connected resistive load)
Voltage Regulation:AC 0-220V,Start from AC 10V
Dimensions: 89(L) x 59(W) x38(H)MM/3.35×2.56×1.5″
Protection: Anti-spike, Surge, RC absorption (EOC)