Acrylic Powder Nail Extension Builder Set

Acrylic Powder Nail Extension Builder Set


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This acrylic nail powder set is a versatile tool that can be used by professionals and home users. The medium speed allows professional results,
while the easy self-leveling formulation ensures your precision. This set features five different colorful powder sets, an Ema monomer liquid, and a 100pcs nail former.
The acrylic powder kit is the most professional nail art set for you to decorate your nails. Multiple colors can be mixed to achieve desired designs for easy application.
Create stunning nail art with this cosmic dust medium-sized acrylic powder nail extension builder set from todaykits cosmetics.
This powder build is perfect for creating a variety of shapes and designs, including nails with glitter, hearts, and shapes. With this set,
you can create any design you imagine with no lamp required! This set is the perfect addition to your existing collection of beauty supplies
at home or in the salon.
The set of nails is compact and easy to use nail extension builder. Fine granular edges for precise nail extension application in any direction you want, perfect for
yourself and covering your client’s nails.
Check The gallery images for step-by-step carving and nail extension applications

Package content:
5 X Box of 10g Acrylic Powder
1 X 75ml Acrylic Liquid
1 X 100pcs Nail Former

Powder: 5 x 10g Powder
Liquid: 1 x 75ml Acrylic Liquid
Application: Nail Extension, Nail Carving, Dipping Glitter Decorations


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