High Power Ac Motor Speed Controller 10,000 Watts

High Power Ac Motor Speed Controller 10,000 Watts


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Electric oven, water heater, lamps, and lanterns that move light,
Ac motor, solder iron temperature control, and so on. This high-power speed regulator is
equipped with two-way high-power hysteresis, very convenient and practical.

1. Built-in heat sink.
2. Output voltage can be freely set from 0-220V to supply electrical appliances.
3. Can achieve many effects of dimming, temperature regulation, and voltage regulation.
4. Applicable to electric oven, water heater, lamp, Electric motor, electric soldering iron, etc.
5. This product can not drive SMPS-based equipment, induction stoves and energy-saving lamp, etc.

Package Include
1 X Single Phase Ac Motor Speed Controller 10,000 Watts

Voltage: AC 110- 220V
Maximum Power: 10000W (If the total resistive load is applied at 220VAC)
Voltage Regulation: AC 10V to 220VAC
Dimensions: 130x60x45mm (Lxwxh)
Rated Current: 25A MAX 45A(For a short period)
For Electric oven, kettle, lamp, electric motor, iron, etc.