Jgy370 Dc Worm Gear Reversible Motor

Jgy370 Dc Worm Gear Reversible Motor


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This is a worm gear motor with self-locking, ie, in the case of the absence of electricity,
The output shaft cannot be moved, it is self-locking.
2. The gear output shaft direction of the motor shaft is arranged vertically,
The whole body of the motor output shaft opposite the general direction of the gear motor short,
Widely adapted to some of the installation dimensions of this aspect is required.
Suitable for: Widely used in windows, a door opener, incubator turners, electronic automation, and other occasions.

Package includes
1 x High Torque Jgy370 Worm Gear Reversible DC Motor

Voltage: DC12V
Load torque: 25KG.CM
No-load speed: 6RPM


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