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USB AA/AAA Charger Plus 4 AA Ni-Cd Batteries

Package Contains
4pcs X 700mAh Rechargeable AA Batteries
1 x 4-Slot Rechargeable AA/AAA Battery charger



Rechargeable AA Battery
The AA 4 pcs rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries are perfect for cameras, CDs, Game machines, toys, Flashlight, tools, emergency lights, MP3 / MP4, medical
equipment, small appliances, and portable communication devices, and other electronic products. These ni-cd batteries have a voltage of 1.2V, and a capacity of 700mAh
and can be repeatedly recharged and discharged more than 500 times. The internal resistance is small, and fast charging, but also provides a high load and
discharge current. The voltage variation is small, it is an ideal DC power supply battery. Do not dispose of in fire and do not insert the rechargeable batteries with
the ( ) and (-) reversed.
Type: AA
Capacity: 700mAh
Nominal Voltage: 1.2V

4-Slot Rechargeable AA Battery Charger
The Rechargeable AA/AAA battery charger has a compact size, portable and multi-functional design.
Designed for AA/AAA rechargeable batteries.
Regular USB 5V dc power supply, 4 independent charging slots.
You can charge 1 - 4 pieces of AA / AAA batteries at the same time.
It provides 4 independent charging slots, 4 individual LED indicator red led illuminates when charging, and when the battery is full, the indicator light remains unchanged but constant.
A Universal USB connection cable can be inset a PC or phone charger adapter with a USB port.
Short circuit protection to prevent short circuits and ensure use safety.
Item type: USB 4-slot AA/AAA Battery charger
Material: plastic metal
color: as shown in the picture
Applicable battery: AA/AAA rechargeable battery
Input voltage: DC5V 1A
Output voltage: DC1.2V AA x 1-4, DC1.2V AAA x 1-4
USB port: USB 2.0

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