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Acrylic Powder Set For Nails Extension - 10 in Set

Liquid: EMA
Type: Acrylic Powder and Acrylic Liquid
Acrylic liquid-75ml
Quantity: 10 cups acrylic powder 1 bottle Liquid
Capacity: Powder 15g and Liquid 75ml
Color: As the picture shows



The professional acrylic powder nail kit has just about everything you need to paint the ideal manicure that stays looking amazing. There are ten
different colors of acrylic powder and monomer liquid in this pack.
To give you the most professional look, strengthen your own natural nails, and promote longer and stronger nails that won't split or peel. This kit can be used on natural
nails and as well as press on nails. The powder combination mixed with the monomer Ema liquid gives you a fantastic professional natural look for your nails. The kit is perfect for home or professional use.
This is a top-quality nail art kit, which allows you to create a design that you love on your nails. The pack contains acrylic powder that can be
mixed with the liquid and applied to your nail to promote longer and stronger nails that won't split or peel.
This nail art kit has just about everything you need to get your nails looking fabulous. This professional nail art kit contains everything you need
to paint a beautiful manicure that will last.
This simple-to-use at-home nail art kit includes everything you need to deliver perfect acrylic nails. Its professional quality products will make
your clients feel pampered while they enjoy a stronger and more durable set of nails.
If you want to create a beautiful manicure that lasts, then this Nail Kit is for you. It includes nine colors of acrylic powder and Ema liquid. There's even a protective layer to help strengthen your own nails, and a container of monomer liquid to help them
last longer and stay safer in between applications. The result is a manicure that will have your family asking where you got your new favorite look!
Create your own unique pedicure with this nail art kit. The acrylic powder/liquid has just about everything you need to create a colorful nail
design that lasts for weeks! This kit is great for home use or professional use, depending on your needs.
Have you ever dreamed about painting your nails to match a favorite shirt, necktie, or hairstyle? Then these colorful acrylic powder and liquid kits
are just what you need. They come in an easy-to-use set that includes everything you need for beautiful nail creations.

Nail Art Extension steps:
1. Put a nail shape on your nail.
2. Brush the acrylic powder on the nail with acrylic liquid.
3. It would dry within 1-2 minutes.
4. Take the nail former out.
5. then shape the nails with a file and apply the top coat.

Package content:
10 X Box of 15G Acrylic Powder
1 X 75ML Ema Manomer liquid

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