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Adjustable Dc-Dc Step Down Buck Converter

Module Name: 12A Step down module
Module Properties: non-isolated step-down module (BUCK)
Input voltage :5-30V (input voltage do not exceed 30V)
Output voltage :1.25-30v continuously adjustable (the default output 5V)
Output current :0-12A 100W enhance heat dissipation up to 200W,
Working temperature: -40 to 85 degrees
Operating Frequency: 300KHz
Conversion efficiency: up to 95% (efficiency and input and output voltage, current, pressure related)
Short-circuit protection: Yes (limited current 12A), please try not to short-circuit
Over-temperature protection: Yes (automatic shutdown after over-temperature output)
Input Reverse Polarity Protection: No, (if necessary, please enter the string into the diode)
Module dimensions: length 60mm width 51mm height 22mm

Shipping list:
1 Pcs DC-DC 12A Step Down Module



Are you looking for dc-dc step down buck Converter? Here is it. Input Voltage ranges from 5-30V. The output voltage is regulated via a trimmer
in the range of 1.25-30v. The converter is suitable for power up to 200W. The module can regulate down an input voltage of up to 30V and adjust
the output to 1.25-30v. This adjustable dc-dc step down buck converter is widely used in industrial production, electronic products maintenance, etc.
Extremely efficient and powerful. The step down module achieves an efficiency of 95%. So if it is important that as little energy as possible is lost
in the form of heat, this module is just right. This power supply regulator is also a good choice when it comes to delivering a lot of power.
Without additional cooling, currents of up to 8A can be handled. This value can be increased to 12A if a fan or similar is used for cooling.
It is very safe to operate. The built-in protection devices, such as short-circuit protection or overheating protection, grant the user a
higher level of safety during use. At the same time, they increase the possible service life of the adjustable dc-dc step down power supply regulator.
Despite the high power output, the module is small and light. These features ensure simple assembly for a project or a test circuit.
It has Various applications and is especially convenient for simultaneous use of different microcontrollers, a 5V power supply can be stepped down to 3.3V.
Suitable for step-down voltage applications, such as batteries, power transformers, adjustable voltage regulators, and more.
The adjustable dc-dc step down buck converter has a trimmer for regulating the output voltage. With this a step-less regulation of the voltage is possible.
The power supply is best suited for a fixed installation, especially when large outputs are required.
This voltage regulator uses a switching regulator chip with an MBR10200 dual rectifier. It also includes internal fuse protection, internal
frequency compensation, and a fixed frequency oscillator.

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