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Buck Voltage Power Regulator With CC/CV

Input Voltage: 6V to 40V DC(10V to 40V is suggested)
Output Voltage: 1.2V to 36V DC
Output Current: 20A(Use with the cooling fan.), 15A(Normal use )
Efficiency: 95%(24V to 12V, 20A)
Output Ripple: =50mV
Wiring Method: Terminal
Short Circuit Protection: Self-recovery(It cannot withstand long-time short circuit.)

Package Include:
1 x 300W Constant Current Adjustable Buck Converter Step-Down Voltage Module



This dc to dc buck step down module can maintain a stable output voltage and limit the output current over a range of input voltages.
Buck Voltage Power Regulator is a great constant current cc and constant voltage cv power supply module.
It is great for general voltage conversion, battery charging, powering raw LEDs, automotive electronics, battery conversions, micro-controllers,
and electronic projects. The module has a wide input voltage of 6-40V DC and an output voltage of 1.25-36V DC. It also has a maximum load of
300W/20A peak and 15A sustained. In addition, the power module has a minimum dropout of 3V, a conversion efficiency of up to 96%, short-circuit protection,
and is non-isolated. The dimensions of the regulator module are 60x53x27mm and it has an LM25116 IC. The switching frequency is 150KHz and the ripple is 50mV.
It is important to note that the input must be at least 3V more than the output Step Down and that applying reverse polarity voltage to the input or
output may damage the module. If the module temperature exceeds 65°C, a fan is required.

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