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Dip Powder Set - Dp03

How to use :
1. clean nails
2. apply a base coat, do not dry it
3. dip the tip or the entire nail into the bottle based on your desired design
4. brush off excess powder
5. apply base coat again, do not cure it
6. dip the tip of the entire nail into the bottle again
7. apply dip ACTIVATOR
8. smooth and refine the surface with a nail file
9. apply top coat and allow it dry



Dip powder manicure set Dp03 has what you need to create any elegant nail art shades. The dipping powder comes with liquid set(base coat/activator/topcoat/brush).
A truly complete best dip nail system that comes with everything you need.
Acrylic dip powder has long-lasting elegant shades This anti-cracking dipping powder is widely used for personal and professional nail salon applications.
It lasts very long while maintaining its nail art elegant look. Most fashionable style colors, full but natural-looking, lightweight, breathable, waterproof. 8 popular and fashionable colors, more than 500 shades combos can be designed. Available in natural to bright shades, any luxury nail art is possible with our AZUREBEAUTY nail dip powder kit.
Nail Dryers are not needed and it is easy to Use. Fact drying and skin-friendly. Create your beautiful nails with a 3-step dip liquid set, an ideal choice
for professional manicurists and nail beginners that enjoy the fun of DIY nails.
Superior quality and healthy formula fortified with calcium and tough against daily wear and tear compared to traditional nail lacquer, gel polish,
and traditional acrylic systems. It does not contain any harmful substances, safe and low-odor with NO damage to your nail.
Save your money and time but get a salon-quality nail dip system.

Please make sure your nail is clean and smooth before you use this kit.
As the base is easy to dry, please prepare the powder first before you apply a base coat.
When applying the base coat, please mask the cuticles well.
Please dip at a 45-degree angle.
After dipping powder, please use a nail brush to remove excess powder from around the nail's surface.
Check the complete process under the short description tab.
Do not forget to tighten caps & store them in a cool environment away from heat & direct sunlight. Without proper care, the base and top coat may become difficult to open.

Product Information
colors: 3 Different Colors
capacity: 10g
The dipping powder set includes: dipping powder nail brush 3 dipping powder liquids
No.1 Base Coat: to make dipping powder long-lasting
No.2 Activator: fast dry, no need to cure under a UV lamp
No.3 Top Coat: to make nails more bright, elegant, and long-lasting

Package Contains
3 x 10g Dipping Powder
1 x Brush
1 X base coat
1 X Activator
1 X top coat

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