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Double Pump Hydraulic Engine Crane 2ton

Condition: New
Application: warehouse, factory, and construction
Rated Loading Capacity: 2ton
Rated Lifting Moment: 3000 KN.M
Max. Lifting Load: 2ton
Max. Lifting height: 2200mm
Span: 1600mm
Color: yellow/black
Weight: 70kg



This robust yet mobile workshop crane is an
indispensable and universal tool in every
workshop. The compact crane, which is made
of high-quality steel, is operated
hydraulically and can be flexibly used due
to its multi-stage adjustable boom. It's maximum
the load capacity of 2000 kg allows it to lift
even the heaviest loads, such as heavy truck

Unlike similar products, this workshop crane
is equipped with a double-action pump which
allows even faster lifting and lowering of
heavy loads and, as a result, more efficient
work with the same safety standards. The
the load can be raised to a lifting height of
maximum 220 cm. The 6 castors enable us to
easily transport the crane.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, this
foldable crane is quickly ready for
use and can be stored or transported
without taking much place.

Package contains
1 x heavy duty 2-ton double pump long ram crane

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