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High-power Double Contact JQX-62F 2Z 120A relay

Technical Parameter
1: Product name: High-power relay JQX-62F
2 : Dimensions: 67*67*60mm
3: Contact form: 2Z
4: Contact capacity: 250VAC 120A
5: Coil voltage: AC220V
6: Coil power consumption: AC=4.5VA DC=2.5W
7: Pull-in voltage: AC =80percent DC=75percent
8: Release voltage: AC=30percent DC10percent
11: Installation method: rail type bolt type
12: Operating environment temperature: -25? - 55?
9: Insulation resistance: =500MO
10: Contact resistance: =100MO



It can adjust automatically to protect and change electrical circuits.
Widely used in remote control communication systems, automatic control of electronic equipment etc.
It is available in both 220v Ac and 12v Dc @120Amp

Package contents:
1 x JQX-62F 120A high power relay(also available in 12v Dc 120amps)

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