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HT206B Digital Clamp Meter T-RMS Auto-rang Multimeter

Multi-function: Two-color backlit LCD Display - When the voltage > 80V, the current >3A, the LCD backlit screen turns red to warn you of high voltage/ LED Flashlight / Temperature Measurement for liquids and air conditioning ports including K-Type Thermocouple / Low Battery Indication / Auto power off after 15 minutes inactivity.



HT206D Digital Clamp Meter is a true-RMS clamp meter. This multimeter can accurately measure AC/DC Current, AC/DC voltage, frequency or duty cycle,
resistance, and capacitance and also provides diode continuity and temperature tests. True RMS for accurate measurements on non-linear loads. Easy to use
for labs, factories, and households.
Low input impedance helps prevent false readings due to ghost voltage. Low pass filter (LPF) for accurate measurement of variable frequency drive signals
when measuring motors and transformers. To measure the current you need to clamp the meter around one of the wires and not the whole power cord.
NCV Detection Function - Non-contact voltage detection effectively check the electrical status by measuring EM field intensity without touching any wires.
The NCV button lies on the right side. Simply place your thumb on it and push.
Multi-function - Two-color backlit LCD display - When the voltage is >80V, and the current is >3A, the LCD backlit screen turns red to warn you of high voltage.
Among other functions are LED flashlight, temperature measurement for liquids, and air conditioning ports including K-Type thermocouple,
low battery indication, auto power off after 15 minutes of inactivity.
Safety service - Safety standard IEC 61010-1, CAT III 600V. double insulation.

Made of high-quality materials, it is durable, very practical, wear-resistant, and performance stable.
It features hold result and max value buttons, which makes it faster and easier to use.
A two-wire display that displays AC voltage/current and frequency or Celsius and Fahrenheit on the screen.
LCD Display: Ultra-clear display, clear reading, easy to read the values when you operate.
Hold and backlight button: The data hold button and backlight button are on the side of the meter. A short press will hold the data for you, and a long press will turn the backlight on. It is convenient for one-handed operation when measuring.
Avoid dangerous situations by using the convenient terminal to safely measure AC currents without having to strip a cable or break a circuit.
HT206D digital T-RMS auto range multimeter has a wide range of uses, ideal for home and professional use, automobile repair, home, and industrial electrical troubleshooting.

How to use HT206D
To measure Direct Current
If current >3A, the orange display lights up.
The measuring range of DC current is 60A/600A. Accuracy: ±(2.5% 5).
Before measuring the DC current, long-press and hold the Z/F key until the ZERO character appears to clear the data.

To measure Alternating Current
Press the "Z/F" button to switch to AC Measurement
If current >3A, the orange display lights up.
The measuring range of AC current is 60A/600A. Accuracy: ±(2.5% 5).
To measure the current you need to clamp the meter around one of the wires and not the whole power cord. The power cord contains two wires carrying
current and a ground wire. The current in two wires always flows in opposite directions, so the magnetic fields from the two wires will cancel each
other, therefore the meter reads 0 A.
Grasp the individual current conductor to be measured and close the current clamp again. The measured conductor must be placed in the center of the clamp,
otherwise, additional errors will occur.

Brand Name: HABOTEST
Color: Red
Model: HT206D
Material: ABS
Display: LCD Display
Jaw Opening: 25cm
DC voltage: 600mV/6V/60V/600V (± 0.5% read 5)
DC current: 60A/600A (± 2.5% read 8)
AC voltage : 6V/60V/600V (± 1.0% read 5)
AC current: 6A/60A/600A (± 2.5% read 8)
Resistance: 600/6K/60K/600K/6M/60M Ohms (± 1.0 % read 5)
Duty cycle: 1-99%
Frequency (Hz): 10Hz ~ 10MHZ
Maximum count: 6000
Temperature: -40~1000°C/-40~1832°F
Power supply: 2*1.5V AAA batteries
Operating temperature and humidity: 0-40°C (<80% RH, <10° non-condensing)
Storage temperature & humidity: -10-60°C (<70% RH, remove the battery)
Maximum voltage between terminals and earth: 600V
Above range indicator : it shows "OL"
Continuity: Orange
The voltage over 600V cannot be measured otherwise the instrument could be damaged.
Be careful when measuring high voltage to avoid electric shock or injury.
Confirm the instrument function is intact.

Package list:
1 * Digital clamp meter
1 * User Manual
1 * Pair of Test Leads
1 * Temperature Probe
1 * A pair of AAA Batteries
1 * Black Purse
1 * Packet

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