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HTC-1 Digital Temperature and Humidity Alarm Clock

Product Specifications:
Temperature measurement range: -10 degC sim 50 degC (-14 degF sim 122 degF );
Temperature measurement accuracy: plusmn1degC (1.8degF)
Temperature resolution: or-0.1degC (0.2degF)
Humidity measurement range: 10 % sim 99 % RH
Humidity measurement accuracy: or-5%RH
Humidity resolution: 1%



Colour: Black and White
1. Temperature and Humidity Functions: With temperature range from -10 deg C to 50 deg C and humidity 10 % sim 99 % RH, temperature and humidity readings show directly
2. Time Function: Besides the basic time display, this item also has an alarm clock.
3. Memory Function: When pushing the button MEMORY, it could display the memory of temperature and humidity maximum and minimum
4. Simple Design: With the little bracket on its backside and a total weight of about 97g, it is easy to place and carry
4. Battery Operation: Require 1 x AAA battery (include)

Package Included:
1 x Digital LCD Thermometer Hygrometer
1 x User Manual

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