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Incubator Egg Candler Tester

Material: ABS
Color: Black
Input Power: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Output Power: 3.2V / 300mA
Package Size: 16*10*6.5cm / 6.3*3.9*2.6in
Package Weight: 186g / 6.6oz



This part is a specially made egg candling lamp for monitoring egg development.
It will let you see the fertilized eggs by showing a dark spot and veins at the beginning, The candlelight was very helpful and really fun to watch the growth of the fertilized eggs.
This egg candler provides special lumen rays of a super cool spectrum for the ultra-safe lumination of your eggs.
You can check about once or twice a week to make sure that they were still growing.
To confirm if eggs are fertilized or not, This Light will let you see them by showing a dark spot and veins. You just can't tell before then. you can mark your eggs with dates in pencil so that you can keep track.
Long Electric cable, very durable with easy on and off button.
The light candler tester is not just for someone who wants to incubate eggs, it is also suitable for kids and students to learn the incubating process. Suitable for school funny class or school laboratory.

Made of high-quality aluminum material, never rust and durable.
Easy to operate: Compact design with easy on and off button.
Rechargeable design, no need to use batteries, eco-friendly, save you batteries and money.
Great quality candler to watch the growth of fertilized eggs.
Not only fits to observing eggs incubation but also suitable for school fun class or school laboratory.

Package List:
1 * LED Egg Candler

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