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Double-Side Nail File 100/180 Grit 25pcs

Product Specifications:
Material: EVA PS Emery
Weight: 62g
Size: 178 x 19 x 2mm
Applicable scene: nail art
Uses: Buffering/Dressing



Professional Nail File: These 25pcs manicure files can help you trim and shape the length and shape of the nail you want. Ideal for grinding and polishing your nails to get more shine and smoothness, also remove nail gels to meet your needs.
More Use: These professional nail files are perfect for your natural, crystal, and acrylic nails as well as ultra-thin sensitive nails.
The small size of the nail file set makes it portable and lightweight that is easy to carry, and great for travel, home, and salons.
Premium Quality Materials: All of these nail files are made from high-quality Emery materials that are durable and sturdy. Designed with double-sided availability and different matt levers on the surface, you will enjoy the best experience with these nail files.
Health and comfort: You can easily shape the edges of your nails and buff the surface of your nails. The polishing effect is amazing. This nail file without chemicals is beneficial for the environment and our health. It's also easy to clean.
The nail file is designed in a double-sided rounded end that is high-quality and healthy for your nails, to rough up hard fingernails and toenails in 100 grit; 180 grit. 100/180 grit allows you to smooth up your nail edge smoothly. The thickness makes them hard to break and comfortable to handle. Wider size design makes them more effective to use for professional manicure or pedicure
Our files are safe on both natural and artificial nails and give you a professional manicure and pedicure. The advanced coating works better than sandpaper, making it great for thick, rough nails, edges, and tips, and is gentle to the skin.
The best nail file for you. The thick and wide file allows for easy filling and the multiple grits help smooth up your nails. We take pride in our designs and promise that you will love our products!
Our nail files are 90-degree angled and made of 100/180 grit sandpaper, so they're perfect for buffing away dead skin and smoothing over rough cuticles. These nail files are safe to use on any fingernail (and in many rare cases, toenails).
All nail files are professionally designed to end in a gentle arc. The beveled tip keeps your nail from snagging and damaging the fingernail. A complete manicure set, five high-quality nail routers with different grits have multiple uses for shaping your nails, massaging, and exfoliating your feet. With this polish remover, you can remove the polish, trace, or residue on your nails easily!
Professional nail files can be used to remove acrylic nails, nail cuticles and dip powder nails, poly nail gel, shape fake nails, and do manicures and pedicures. The thickness makes it hard to break and comfortable handle. Wider size design makes them more effective to use.

Package Contains:
25pcs X Double Sided Nail File

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