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Waterproof Enclosure Box

Color: Black
Material: ABS
Waterproof: IP67
Model: RYD-F2-2(158 x 90 x 60 mm)



Safety ABS Material: Made of high-quality ABS flame-retardant material, it feels very firm, is completely non-toxic, does not produce harmful substances and has good sealing performance, and long service life.
Internal Dimensions: about 5.98 x 3.3 x 2.12 inches (152 x 84 x 54mm), the average wall thickness is 0.095 inches (2.4 mm).
IP67 Junction Box: The protection level is IP67, which can prevent dust, corrosion, and water splashing.
Easy Installation: Surface-mounted electrical junction box, the installation panel of the product can be disassembled, and can be installed repeatedly. The new design is not only beautiful and generous but also more durable
Application: Used indoors and outdoors, suitable for various electronic control boxes, distribution boxes, distribution boxes, shell products, etc.
ABS Black Plastic Electronics Project Box Enclosure Hobby Case With Screws
Adopt high-quality metal nuts, and prevent rust and corrosion.
High-quality ABS material, IP67 high strength waterproof.
Impervious to dust, good sealing, effective barrier to the outside mud, sand, and dust.
Any type of terminal can be matched to match the connector with the size of the opening.
Beautiful appearance and deformation prevention, strong hardness, high compression resistance.

Package Included:
1 x 158 x 90 x 60mm Waterproof Junction Box

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