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Soldering Iron Oxidized Tip Restoration Cream

Brand: Mechanic
Model: TDK-32
Material: Imported tip clean material
Height: 25 mm
Diameter: 35 mm
Weight: 37 g



When the tip surface is oxidized, it becomes dark and does not wet properly.
This tip restorer removes the oxides on the tip.
To enhance and improve working efficiency and ease, you need this tip restorer.
It makes the soldering tip look new again.

Why use a restorer to remove oxide layers?
1. The removal of the oxide layer is effective.
2. Protective Iron Head Alloy Layer
3. Simple And Convenient

Specific operation instructions:
1. Restoration operation starts when the tip temperature reaches 100°c~360°c.
2. Insert the soldering tip into the restoration cream repeatedly while rubbing for a few seconds.
3. Clean the tip with a soldering sponge or clean with any other object.
4. Apply new Soldering lead to the new tip Layer, the Soldering tip is now clean and new.
If the effect Of the restoration is not obvious, repeat the steps more times until
the desired effect is achieved, then apply a new soldering lead layer on the tip.

Package includes:
1 x Solder iron tip Restoration cleaning cream

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