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Sun X8 Max Uv Gel Nail Dryer

Material: ABS
Color: white with Design as in image
Rated input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Rated output: DC24V 2A
Item size: 29 * 22 * 10cm / 11.4 * 8.7 * 3.9in
Item weight: 690g / 1.5lb
Package size: 30 * 23 * 11cm / 11.8 * 9.1 * 4.3in
Package weight: 790g / 1.7lb



Easy to use and clean.
Large capacity which can cure pair of hands or feet at the same time.
It is also suitable to dry gels, glues, polish, etc.
4 timer settings: 10s, the 30s, 60s, and 99s low heat mode, make your manicure and pedicure process become easy and precise.
Made of magnetic assembly it is easy to separate the lid.
Designed as an air fan, the product will not be hot when working and can protect the product very well.
This nail lamp can be used not only in the nail salon but also in DIY.
Strategically placed LEDs, no dead-zone, more free.
Equip with sensing devices inside both left and right, when the hands and feet are put in, the lamp will light.

Package list:
1 x Nail dryer
1 x DC adapter

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