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ZL-7918A Incubator Multi-function Controller

Model: ZL-7918A
Material: ABS, Electronic Components
Installation drilling size: 15.15 x 7.65cm/5.96 x 3.01in
Size: app.16 x 8 x 9.5cm/6.30 x 3.15 x 3.74in
Color: Black and Yellow
Quantity: 1 Pc



Made of high-quality ABS and electronic components, it is solid, durable, and good performance, and long service life.
It is designed to control the temperature and humidity, applicable for eggs incubator, mushroom cultivation, artificial climate room, warehouse, etc.
It features Lighting control, auxiliary heating, temperature control, humidity control, turns over the eggs control, timing ventilation control, alarm control, temperature and humidity calibration, and displays the number of hatching days.
High precision with a wide measuring range, its accuracy ups to 1?.
LCD display panel is easy to read and operate.
Easy to wire and install.
Automatic incubator only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included!

Product Parameters:
Power supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
1 temperature sensor (L=2M), 1 humidity sensor (L=2M)
Setting range: Humidity 10-80% RH. Temperature: 1-65?
Display range: Humidity 0-99%RH. Temperature: -20-80?
Measuring accuracy: Humidity┬▒3%@25?. Temperature┬▒1%
Output control: 7 outputs (heater, aux-heater, fan, eggs left-turning, eggs right-turning, humidity, illumination)
Output load: Heater, aux-heater = 1500W; Illumination = 100W; Humidity, fan and eggs turnings = 1A/250Vac
Hatching day record: Max. record is 99 days
eggs-turning control: Period: 1-999 minutes; Turning time: 0-999 seconds; Turning times: 0-999 times
Ventilation control: Period: 1-999 minutes; Ventilating time: 0-999 seconds
Illumination control: Period: 1-999 minutes; Illuminating time: 0-999 seconds
Operation environment: -10-45?, <90%RH, without dew

Package includes:
1 x Automatic Incubator Controller

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